PR Strategy Proves Vital to Youth Oasis Campaign

The word strategy is defined as “a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.” People and organizations all over the world develop strategies every day to help them achieve their personal or corporate objectives. The implementation of strategy for organizations plays a huge role in today’s bustling society, especially in the field of public relations. Knowing all this, I was very excited when I was assigned to the position of strategic director for Broad Magnolias.

Throughout this semester, I have learned quite a bit about strategic public relations and why it should be important to every organization who wants to better themselves and maintain a positive public image. It is obvious that a good public relations strategy, or lack thereof, can lead to the life or death of an organization.

There are many things that a good public relations strategy should do. A good PR strategy should encourage teamwork and effectiveness within an organization, as well as reinforce credibility. A good PR strategy should also help an organization achieve its’ corporate goals, whatever they may be. This could be to develop a better public image, raise awareness or simply make more money and grow as an organization.

At the beginning of this semester, it was made clear to us that the most important objective set aside by Youth Oasis was to raise awareness for their organization. The members of Broad Magnolias took this objective into account and created a plan that we believe will help raise as much awareness for Youth Oasis as possible. We have developed a strategy to help Youth Oasis achieve their goals as an organization while they continue to grow and flourish in the Baton Rouge community. I believe the strategy we developed for Youth Oasis will have long-lasting positive effects on the organization.

Earlier I mentioned that PR strategy should be important to all organizations. I believe this concept should be most prevalent in the world of nonprofits. In order for a nonprofit organization to function, they must maintain strong relationships with their supporters while trying their best to find new people willing to support their organization. They must continuously try to raise awareness for themselves and let their key public know what their goals are if they want the company to grow. Luckily, it’s not hard for an organization to achieve these goals when they have a good PR strategy backing them up. To learn more about the voice and message of Youth Oasis, reach out on Facebook andTwitter. And don’t forget to come back next week for another lesson learned in the Broad Magnolias campaign.