Changes in PR Tactics: Modern vs. Traditional

Since the early days of public relations, the strategies and tactics utilized by PR professionals have changed many times. This is usually due to changes in technology, culture and public opinion. One early form of PR took place when nations around the world fought to abolish slavery hundreds of years ago. Another early form of public relations includes propaganda used by the U.S. and Germany during the world wars. The one similarity shared among all PR strategies is the need to spread a certain message and change public opinion, and the tactics that help to carry out these strategies change frequently.

A person who understands public relations should also understand the ongoing changes that occur in the media and PR world every day. For example, traditional PR tactics merely sent a message to key publics, and left it up to their publics to interpret the message and form their own decisions. Modern PR tactics are usually more conversational than traditional ones. Social media is a perfect example of this because it allows organizations to interact with their customers on a deeper level. Organizations can receive feedback from their key publics while also sending out their messages quickly and efficiently.

All PR professionals should understand how changes in PR strategies affect them and find a good balance between traditional and modern tactics. The press release and several other traditional PR tools are still relevant in the present day, so it is important for PR professionals to understand these. It is also important for professionals to understand modern PR tools like blogs and social media. The introduction of tools like blogs and social media allow PR practitioners to develop a more accurate and personalized message to send to their audience. Creating a more personalized message makes it easier for PR professionals to relate to their publics and create a positive image for their organizations

Broad Magnolias have utilized both modern and traditional forms of media in our campaign to raise awareness for Youth Oasis. Our team has utilized both print and digital media to help raise awareness for the organization and help them to continue growth and development even after we graduate from LSU. I believe that a truly great PR professional knows when it is best to utilize both modern and traditional media. When this concept is understood by an organization, it is easier for their PR practitioners to reach more than one audience.


Bringing Our Professional Values and Competencies to Youth Oasis

“Being professional” has nothing to do with having an actual “profession.” This is a concept that is drilled into all of our heads as soon as we begin taking part in organizations or sports teams or summer jobs as teenagers. As a completely biased individual when it comes to the importance of good public relations, it is my job to harp on the fact that solid professional values and competencies are much more important to the ever-so-crucial world of public relations. After all, we have more than our careers in our hands. We have the reputations, careers and public opinions of every client we have the pleasure of working for right at our very fingertips. (No pressure, right?) But this is why we are PR people. Our personalities cause us to thrive off of pressure and of the idea of the ball being in our court. But don’t take it from me. According to the website of American Physical Society, “PR is vital to outreach programs.” It also states that good public relations “can lead to strong community and industrial partnerships, and even financial support.” This is an issue of passion: of putting our ethical codes and values to the test for the very first time as distinguished individuals and experts. The Public Relations Society of America’s website gives the PRSA Member Statement of Professional Values. It states that “these values are the fundamental beliefs that guide our behaviors and decision-making process.” The values include: advocacy, honesty, expertise, independence, loyalty and fairness. We as members of Broad Magnolias make an oath as professionals in this field to work by these standards and hold ourselves to the standards that are expected of us and that we expect of ourselves. Albert Einstein once said, “Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.”

Cutting Edge PR released a piece titled “Why trust is really important to you.” It goes into detail about what being trustworthy accomplishes with your client and what trust actually means. The more one reads about wholesome values, competencies and ethics, the more one understands that it makes more logical sense to stick closely to set and stick to ethical guidelines from the beginning of the campaign. It also says that for public relations to be effective, people have to trust you. Youth Oasis trusts us. They trust us to take care of their respected and highly praised name in order to gain them even more respect and praise. We are fortunate in the sense that it is easy to apply professional values and competencies to an organization that holds fast to their values in the first place. In our first meeting with Youth Oasis to discuss their expectations for us throughout our time with them, they were quick to tell us about the restrictions that are placed on any events that they host because of their affiliation with children. This was very comforting because as professionals who have had little opportunity for experience, we do not want to accidentally or coincidentally overstep any boundaries that we were unaware of. Youth Oasis has been very transparent with us in showing us what they expect and do not expect of us, and we have been very transparent with them in explaining to them our competencies and limitations for our time together.